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lithium batteries have become mainstream


Lithium battery is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as anode material and adopts non-aqueous electrolyte solution. With the development of technology, lithium batteries have become mainstream.

General lithium batteries can be divided into two categories, lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Because of its high energy, high battery voltage, wide operating temperature range, long storage life and other advantages, it has been widely used in military and civilian small electrical appliances. Large capacity lithium batteries have been used in electric vehicles and will become one of the main power sources for electric vehicles in the 21st century, and will be used in artificial satellites, aerospace, energy storage and other fields.

A&S Power 18650 11.1V 6600mAh 73.26Wh lithium ion battery

Under the background of low carbon, new energy has become the main direction of global development. Demand for lithium batteries continues to rise as China's new energy vehicles produce and sell well. At the same time, with the rapid development of mobile phones, electric vehicles, power tools, digital cameras and other industries, the demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow, lithium battery concept promising.

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