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How to choose lead acid battery and lithium battery?


We found there has too many kinds, too many brand of ebike batteries in the markert, the main is lead acid battery and lithium battery , but we hard to choose which battery is good.

First, you have to know some the difference between lead acid battery and lithium battery. Let's summary as below:

1.Durability side : The lead acid battery usually deep charge and deep discharge with 400times, and have memory effect, the cycle life  is about 2 years, if you are use the maintenance-free  lead acid battery, you have to notice that it has less water lose, so when using, usually you don't need to add distilled water, For lithium battery, the durability is strong, and slowly consumption, the charge and discharge could over 500times, and has no memory effect, usually the cycle life is 4-5 years, In terms of durability, the lithium battery has good resistance to Vibration, with full charge status it is safety and with 4mm amplitude and 16.7Hz frequency shake, there has no leakage , no Inflation and burst, and open circuit voltage is normal; Good resistance to overcharge, 25℃,  full charge status with 0.1CA charge 48 hours,  there has no leakage , no Inflation and burst, and open circuit voltage is normal, the capacity keeps over 95%; Good resistance to high current, full charge status with 2CA discharge 5mins or 10CA discharge 5mins, No conductive part of the fuse, no deformation.

2. Size and quality side: usually lead acid battery pack weight around 16-30kg, which size is big, lithium battery usually weight around 2.5-3kg, The size is relatively small, so when riding or carry it is more portability and convenience, in terms of quality, it is hard to say which one is better, Consumers can according to their own requirements to purchase normal manufacturer of production with good quality brand batteries.

3. Price and warranty side: at present the market main battery is 48v, if change, the price of lead acid battery is around 450RMB, and warranty is 1 year, Lithium battery is relatively expensive, will need around 1000RMB, and warranty is around 2 years.

4. Run KM side: same battery 48v. under the full charge status, both lead acid battery and lithium battery can run 30-40km, the speed is mainly depend on the motor size

5. Battery capacity side: The lead acid battery capacity is around 20A, and lithium battery capacity 8-10A.

6. Environmental protection side : After country promulgated 《Lead acid battery industry access conditions》In 2012, the Lead acid battery area after restructuring integration , most manufactuer has adopt Internalized into no cadmium and arsenic green production, it is more environment and energy saving, just during the recycle, if improper way may caused pollution, but lithium battery on the side of production and recycle, it is relatively more green and environmental protection.

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