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A&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

A&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

  • Art No :AS24V 100AH
  • Material:Lifepo4 battery
  • Size :174*406*207*232mm
  • Weight:Approx 24 kg
  • Description :

    1.Cycle life:over 2000 times

    2.Warranty:3 years

    3.Application:UPS, Solar/wind power, golf car, etc

A&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

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A&S Power Deep Cycle 24V Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

A&S Power 12v LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer‎

A&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS CaseA&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

A&S Power 24V 100ah Solar Energy Battery Lithium 25.6v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With ABS Case

24/25.6v 1000ah Deep Cycle Sola LiFePo4 Battery Pack

1.Model: AS24V 100AH
4.Application:Solar Energy

Parameter Table:

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity

100Ah  @ 0.2C



Internal resistance

 ≤180mΩ  For Battery Pack



Standard Charge

Charge voltage


Charge current


Max.Charge Continuous




Standard Discharge

Discharge Continuous


Max.Discharge Continuous


Peak Discharge Current

200A (<5S)

Discharge cut-off voltage





Charge Temperature

0ºC to 45 ºC

Discharge Temperature

-20ºC to 60 ºC

Storage Temperature

-20ºC to 45 ºC

Water Dust Resistance





Cell & Method

28148115 3.2V 52Ah, 8S2P

Plastic Case


Dimension (L*W*H*TH)



Approx. 24KG




• Environment friendly: Lead-free
• Long life: 2000 times cycle life, life up to 10 years
• Light weight: only 30% of the weight of lead-acid battery
• High power: provide 2 times of lead-acid battery power output  
• Flexibility: modular design, can realize 4 series, multiple parallel.  

A&S Power 12.8v lifepo4 battery

Widely Applications For Lithium Battery 12v 100ah

The proprietary lithium iron phosphate chemistry of this battery makes it less of a hassle to maintain and utilize the power you need. 

Not only are they designed to store power with ease, but they also provide you with lasting peace of mind, and their tremendous 

durability makes it easy to use them at home, at work, or for your outdoor needs where trust, safety, and the environment matter most. 

Widely used in caravan and camping, Backup Power, Electric Vehicles and golf cart, Floor Machines, Marine and boats, Recreational Vehicles, and Solar energy.  

A&S Power Lithium Battery Application

A&S Power Lithium Battery OEM & ODM

Main applications:

Communication: back-up electric supply, interphone

Eletric vehicles: electric bicycle (E-bike), golf cart , electric wheelchair, E-car and E-bus

Power tools: electric cropper, electric drill, electric saw, electric hammer

Illuminate devices: solar battery, miner lamp, solar power lamp, emergency light, electric torch.

* Portable office devices: Laptop, PDA, portable electrograph, portable printer

Video devices: Portable DVD , portable television

Others: R/C model, toy, small home appliance

Solar energy storage

Wind and solar energy storage

solar street light

wind power

off-grid systems

Home energy storage


12v lifepo4 battery

Shenzhen A&S Power Technology Co.,Ltd

    An OEM rechargeable battery manufacturer in China for over 15 years. Specializing in Lithium Polymer BatteryLiFePO4 Battery and Li-ion Battery Pack. Our batteries have got certifications such as UL, IEC62133, CB, CE, ROHS, and some models have also passed KC, BIS certification. 

A&S Power Lithium Battery Manufacturer‎

As a responsible and experienced battery manufacturer for over 15 years, we have been officially recognized by Philips, JVC, Skullcandy, Flex, Mitel, etc. since 2013.

    Our products are widely used in popular electronic products such as Bluetooth Headsets, Portable Speakers, consumer products, emergency lights, GPS, digital players, solar & wind energy storage, electronic auto and E-buses.    A&S Power actively participates in international exhibitions every year, such as CEBI and HK Electronic Fair. We strictly implement international management standards and have established a complete quality assurance system. We have successfully sold batteries to the international markets of America, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

    With the tenet of "People-oriented, Quality first and Keeping improving", we continue to improve quality, reduce costs and enhance services. We pay more attention to market changes, client needs, safety & environmental protection, and assume social responsibility. 

    A&S Power is dedicated to creating the life stage for employees and providing lithium batteries that are popular with customers all over the world.  

    With passion and faithfulness, we are committed to establishing a win-win business and striding forward to create a better future for your company.

A&S Power Lithium Battery fair photo

A&S Power Certification    


1. Q:Where can I get the price for 25.6V 6Ah Solar Powered 26650 LiFePo4 Battery Pack With IEC62133 ?

    A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we'll regard your inquiry priority.


2. Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?

    A: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. 


3. Q: What about the lead time for mass production?

    A: Honestly, it depends on your order quantity and the season you place the order. We suggested that you start inquiry to months before the date you would like to get the products at your country.


4. Q: What is your terms of payment?

    A: We accept T/T and L/C.

5. Q: What is minimal rated capacity?

 A: minimal rated capacity is the capacity on 0.2 C discharge till the voltage tapered to 2.0V shall be measured  after rested for 30min then finish standard charge.


6. Q: What is internal impedance?

 A: Internal impedance is measured at AC 1KHz after 50% charge.


7. Q: What is standard charge?

 A: Charging shall consist of charging at a 0.2 C constant current rate until the cell reaches 4.20V. The cell shall then be charged at constant voltage 0f 4.20 volts while tapering the charge current Charging shall be terminat  ed when the charging current has tapered to 0.02 C. Charge time:Approx 6.0h,The cell shall demonstrate no permanent degradation when charged between 0℃ and 45℃


8. Q: What is standard discharge?

 A: Batteries shall be discharged at a constant current of 0.2 C to 3.0 volts @20℃±5℃.  If no otherwise specified, the rest time between Charge and Discharge amount to 30min.


9. Q: What is overcharge?

 A: After normal charge, test the batteries’ initial state and capacity. Charge to 10.0V at 3C, then charge at CV  mode to 0.01C. Observe battery’s variation of appearance.


10. Q:What is over discharge?

 A: After normal charge, test the batteries’ initial state. When the batteries are normal, Discharge to 0V at 0.5C.  Observe battery’s variation of appearance.


11. Q: What is external short-circuit?

,A: After normal charge, test the batteries initial state, Keep the battery into explosion protection cover, short-  circuit the positive and negative terminals directly (general resistance shall be less than or equal to 50mΩ). Sto  p the test when the temperature falls to 10℃ lower than the peak value. Observe the variation of the batteries’  appearance and temperature.


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