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Advantages and disadvantages of Prismatic and cylindrical lithium batteries


Advantages and disadvantages of Prismatic and cylindrical lithium batteries

Cylindrical lithium iron battery

Advantages: Cylindrical iron-lithium battery is the earliest mature industrialized lithium battery product. After more than 20 years of development, the production process of cylindrical lithium battery is now mature, with high production efficiency and relatively low cost, so the cost of PACK is also Relatively low, the yield rate of lithium batteries is higher than that of prismatic lithium batteries and soft-pack lithium batteries, and their consistency and safety are also excellent.

Disadvantages: Because the cylindrical iron-lithium battery is generally packaged in a steel shell, although the safety is relatively high, the weight will also be heavier, which will also make the specific energy of the lithium battery pack relatively low.

Prismatic iron lithium battery

Advantages: The packaging shells of prismatic iron-lithium batteries are mostly made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The inside of the battery adopts winding or laminated technology, which protects the battery cell better than soft-packed lithium battery. The safety of the battery cell Compared with the cylindrical lithium battery, there is also a big improvement.

Disadvantages: The prismatic lithium iron battery pack can be customized according to the size of the product, but it will also make the market have many different types of prismatic lithium batteries. Too many different types of lithium batteries will make it difficult to unify the process, making the automation level not high, the monomers are quite different, and there may also be groups of prismatic lithium battery packs that are far less than the life of a single lithium battery.

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