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Advantages and disadvantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries


Advantages and disadvantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries


1. The unity of the monomer is better. Cylindrical lithium batteries have long established a series of internationally unified standard specifications and models, and the processing technology is relatively mature and perfect, which is suitable for a large number of uninterrupted production and manufacturing.

2. The monomer itself has good mechanical properties. The specific surface area of ​​the cylinder is large, and the heat pipe has a very good heat dissipation effect, and can obtain higher bending strength;

3. The technology application is mature and perfect, and the cost is low. The metal shell of the battery has high compression resistance, and it is not easy to produce conditions such as square shape and flexible packaging battery swelling during the entire operation.

4. The single energy is small, and the probability of frequent accidents is small. When an accident occurs, the form is easy to control. The cylindrical battery is usually a sealed battery, and there will be no maintenance problems during the entire operation.


1. The processing technology of the cylindrical lithium battery electric welding multi-pole lug is limited, so the rate characteristic is slightly weaker, and there is no such outstanding rate performance.

2. The specificity of the organic chemistry at the corners of the cylindrical battery is poor, and the performance of the battery during long-term operation is relatively significant.

3. Poor compatibility with common batteries. This is because it usually takes 3 common batteries (3.6V) before they can be replaced with lithium-ion batteries.

4. There must be a unique protection circuit to avoid overcharging or overdischarging;

5. The cost is relatively high, mainly due to the high price of the battery cathode material LiCOO2. With the continuous and rapid development of cathode technology applications, LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, etc. can be used as cathodes, so it is hoped that the cost of lithium-ion batteries can be greatly reduced.

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