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Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery


Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LiFePo4 battery) have been widely used in daily life, but do you know what advantages of lithium iron phosphate? Let us find out together.

(1) Fast charging; low cost;

(2) Even if the battery is injured internally or externally, the lithium iron phosphate battery pack does not burn, does not explode, and has the best safety;

(3) Excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, the discharge capacity is still greater than 95%; there is no damage to 0 volts after over-discharge;

(4) High efficiency output: standard discharge is 2~5C, continuous high current discharge can reach 10C, instant pulse discharge (10S) can reach 20C;

(5) Good performance at high temperature: when the external temperature is 65℃, the internal temperature is as high as 95℃, and the temperature can reach 160℃ at the end of battery discharge. The structure of the battery is safe and intact;

(6) Small size and light weight. The volume of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack of the same specification and capacity is 1/3 of the volume of the lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery;

(7) No pollution to the environment, the battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, no pollution, in line with the European ROHS regulations, is an absolutely green battery.

(8) No memory effect: The capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries will be quickly lower than the rated capacity when working under the condition that they are often fully charged. This phenomenon is called the memory effect. Nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries have memory properties, but lithium iron phosphate battery packs do not have this phenomenon. No matter what state the battery is in, it can be charged and used at any time without having to discharge it before charging;

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