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Advantages of ternary polymer lithium battery


Advantages of ternary polymer lithium battery

The material with relatively balanced capacity and safety has better cycle performance than normal lithium cobalt oxide. In the early stage, its nominal voltage was only 3.5-3.6V due to technical reasons, and its scope of use was limited. But up to now, with the formulation of With continuous improvement and perfect structure, the nominal voltage of the battery has reached 3.7V, and the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

1. The energy density of ternary lithium battery is high, which can exceed 200WH/Kg

2. High voltage platform: The voltage platform is an important indicator of battery energy density and determines the basic efficiency and cost of the battery. Therefore, the selection of battery materials is of great significance. The higher the voltage platform, the greater the specific capacity, and certainly the same size, weight, and even the same ampere-hour battery, the higher the voltage platform of the ternary material lithium battery has a longer range.

3. The biggest feature of the ternary polymer lithium battery is that the unit electric energy is relatively large, which is the result of comparison with the lithium iron phosphate battery. However, a major disadvantage of the ternary lithium battery is that it has a low ignition point when subjected to impact and high temperature. Therefore, the protection requirements of the ternary lithium battery are very high. Please use it carefully to prevent accidents.

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