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Comparison of differences between ternary lithium ion battery and lithium manganate battery

Comparison of differences between ternary lithium ion battery and lithium manganate battery

Lithium ion batteries use carbon materials as the negative electrode and lithium containing compounds as the positive electrode. According to different positive compounds, common lithium ion batteries include ternary lithium ion batteries, lithium manganate batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc. The following is a brief introduction to the difference between ternary lithium ion battery and lithium manganate battery.

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1. Ternary lithium ion battery
We often say that the ternary lithium ion battery is the ternary polymer lithium ion battery, which refers to the lithium ion battery with the cathode material of lithium nickel-cobalt manganate or lithium nickel-cobalt aluminate. The lithium ion battery made of ternary materials has higher capacity and better cycle life; Good rate discharge.

The disadvantages lie in the following points: the price is relatively expensive among the three materials, and the safety performance is relatively not advantageous.

2. Lithium manganate battery
Lithium manganate battery uses lithium manganate as cathode material, and lithium manganate is one of the more promising lithium ion cathode materials. Lithium manganate battery is widely used for its advantages of low cost, no pollution, high safety and good rate performance. In addition, lithium manganate has good low-temperature performance, and its discharge efficiency can reach more than 90% at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees below zero.

In terms of the safety of lithium ion batteries made of two materials, lithium manganate has better safety; In terms of capacity, ternary lithium ion battery is similar to lithium manganate battery; Ternary ion batteries have obvious advantages in industrialization and wide application.

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