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Do lithium-ion batteries have to be fully charged and fully discharge?

Do lithium-ion batteries have to be fully charged and fully discharge?

Don't charge when you run out of power; don't overcharge, don't need to deeply charge and discharge each time. The life of a lithium-ion battery is related to the charging cycle. Every time the battery is used up to 100%, a cycle is achieved. The more the cycle, the more obvious the decline in battery life.

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Data from a study of 11 types of lithium ions showed that the battery capacity declined significantly after 250 cycles. After 300 to 500 cycles, the battery capacity drops to 80 percent of its original capacity. How does this work? Data show that when the depth of lithium-ion battery charging and discharging, the material structure of the anode and cathode will be destroyed. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, rely mainly on the movement of lithium ions between positive and negative terminals. Once there is less room for them to move, the capacity of the battery decreases accordingly.
Therefore, compared with "fully put", "many times less charge" is more suitable for lithium-ion battery charging habits.

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