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Do you know the importance of a trademark to a company?


A&S Power Technology Co.,Ltd,A Manufacturer and exporter specializing in the production of lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries and solar rechargeable batteries.From 2017 years,The trademark of A&S Power is protected by low,Why do we insist on doing this, there are several reasons:

1.The trademark has the function of distinguishing the source of the goods. The use of the trademark can distinguish the most important and essential function and source of different goods or services, and guide consumers to identify the brand to select products.A trademark is the "face" of a company, representing the reputation of the producer or operator.

2.To promote the quality of the product or service of the producer.To some extent, the registered trademark plays an important role in ensuring the stability of our rechargeable batteries quality and promoting the quality improvement.

3.Trademark is intangible property, is the carrier of credit.With reliable product quality as the basis, the famous trademark, the appreciation of the economic benefits of the enterprise is getting better and better.

That why our company to registered trademark, We have faith in our product quality and service quality,We want to do better, and we are sure that we will make our products better and better.A&S Power Trademark

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