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Features of lithium iron phosphate battery


Features of lithium iron phosphate battery:

Long cycle life and good safety

Lithium-ion batteries using lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. Its characteristics are that it does not contain precious elements such as cobalt, the price of raw materials is low, and the resource content of phosphorus and iron is rich. It has moderate operating voltage (3.2V), large capacitance per unit weight (170mAh/g), high discharge power, fast charging, long cycle life, and high stability in high temperature and high thermal environments.

1. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are characterized by high safety, high rate charge and discharge characteristics and long cycle life. The literature shows that under the charging condition of 1C rate charging to 3.65V, then switching to constant voltage until the current drops to 0.02C, and then discharging at 1C rate to the cut-off voltage of 2.0V, the battery capacity is still 80% of the initial capacity after 1600 cycles.

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2. The lithium iron phosphate battery has good fast charging characteristics. Under the condition of 3C rate charging, it can charge 55% in 15 minutes, and the capacity exceeds 95% in 30 minutes.

3. In addition to long life and excellent charge and discharge performance, the biggest advantage of lithium iron phosphate batteries is their safety. The chemical properties of lithium iron phosphate are stable and high temperature stability. And in the face of impact, acupuncture, short circuit, etc., it will not release oxygen molecules, and there will be no violent combustion, and it has high safety performance.

4. The disadvantage of lithium iron phosphate battery is that its performance is greatly affected by temperature, especially in low temperature environment, the discharge capacity and capacity will be greatly reduced. In addition, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate is low, and the weight energy density of the battery is only 120Wh/kg.

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