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Four points of Cold knowledge about lithium battery , test whether you know it!

Four points of Cold knowledge about lithium battery , test whether you know it!

It is often said that charging should not be fully charged to 100%, full charging will damage the lithium battery, is it true? Will keeping the power plugged in after charging affect the battery performance? The following 4 right and wrong questions about lithium batteries, immediately see how many you answered correctly!

A&S Power Lithium Battery

1. Should the battery be exhausted before charging?
Answer: No!

Some studies have found that charging the lithium battery when the power is exhausted is about 50% longer than charging when the power is still 20%! Usually, you should try to keep the power in the range of 20% to 80% to help prolong its life.

2. Will frequent short-term charging accelerate the aging of lithium batteries?
Answer: No!

For example, when the phone has 30% power remaining, unplug it after charging it to 40%. Generally speaking, it will not speed up the aging of the lithium battery. Conversely, charging until the battery is depleted, or charging to full capacity frequently, will accelerate battery aging. Therefore, it is not advisable to always plug in the power supply after charging, so that the lithium battery is fully charged for a long time. Some computers or mobile phones also have a special charging mode to protect the lithium battery. It can only be charged to about 60% of the power when it is always plugged in, or it can automatically adjust the charging speed to reduce the time when the mobile phone is in a fully charged state. Users can consider enabling these functions.

A&S Power Lithium Polymer Battery

3. Does fast charging have the opportunity to speed up the aging of lithium batteries?
The answer is YES!

The temperature of the lithium battery during fast charging is usually higher, which accelerates the aging of the lithium battery. If the situation permits, it is recommended to use a lower voltage and current for charging.

4. Will the low ambient temperature affect the life of the lithium battery?
The answer is YES.

High temperature (for example, above 35 degrees Celsius) and too low (for example, below 0 degrees Celsius) will shorten the life of lithium batteries. Therefore, it is advisable to use lithium batteries that are not used (such as camera backup batteries) and built-in lithium batteries as much as possible in severe cold environments. The battery product is put into the bag to keep warm.

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