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How to repair lithium battery swelling?


How to repair lithium battery swelling?


What should we do if the lithium battery swell due to heat? How to fix it? Lithium-ion batteries often have swelling during the manufacturing and use process. When lithium batteries are charged, lithium ions are extracted from the positive electrode and inserted into the negative electrode, causing the gap between the negative electrode layers to increase and expansion. Generally speaking, the thicker the battery cell, the greater its expansion. The swollen battery is scrapped and cannot be repaired. It is recommended to hand over the battery to a recycling company for recycling.


What should we do if the lithium battery swell due to heat?

Lithium battery swelling, also known as bulging, is because the internal positive and negative chemical materials are short-circuited, super current, internal puncture short-circuit and other reasons, which cause rapid changes in internal chemical substances, and the internal gas is generated due to high temperature. , And the battery is a highly sealed product, this generated gas cannot be discharged, only the expansion of the shell deformation, has produced a larger space to store the gas. The bottom and sides of the battery are thicker than the front and back, and the area is smaller, so the drum is played on the front and back.


This kind of swollen lithium battery is basically unusable. The load capacity becomes worse, and it will be fully charged at once, but it will be out of power when you call, or the use time is very short, and the phenomenon of power off and on again .


There is electrolyte in the lithium battery. After multiple re-discharges, part of the electrolyte decomposes to produce gas, which causes the battery to expand. Do not use lithium batteries with severe swelling. The current commercial lithium batteries are basically all electrolytes configured with lithium hexafluorophosphate. When the temperature is high, they begin to decompose, chemically react with the solution, and release gases such as carbon dioxide. The development of lithium salts for new electrolytes cannot be overcome for the time being. Try not to use it for a long time at high temperatures.


What are the reasons for the swelling of lithium batteries?

1. Over-discharge and over-charge of lithium battery;


2. Micro short circuit, that is the diaphragm is damaged, which leads to partial contact between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery;


3. Continuous floating charge of lithium battery at high temperature causes side reactions in the electrolyte, and high-rate charge and discharge at high temperature. This problem will not occur for civilian use;


4. Charging at low temperature is actually a micro-short circuit caused by lithium piercing the diaphragm;


5. The aluminum plastic film of the outer packaging is corroded;


6. If the vacuum is not clean, or the mobile phone battery is used in a high altitude environment, the mobile phone batteries are all soft packaging, which has a great impact.

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