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Introduction to the life and advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries

Introduction to the life and advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries

How long is the life of a ternary lithium battery?

According to the current technical level of ternary lithium batteries, if used properly, they can be used in electric vehicles for at least 5 years. If used improperly, the 2-3 year lithium battery life will be attenuated.

The so-called proper use or not, mainly depends on whether the principle of shallow charge and shallow discharge can be followed, and no excessive use is allowed.

The life of the power lithium-ion battery can reach 2000 cycles, and the battery management system can limit the "overcharge and overdischarge". How long is the current lithium battery life? There are many factors that determine the service life of power lithium-ion batteries, including the characteristics of the system itself, as well as the manufacturing process and operating conditions. High-quality battery system, coupled with scientific system management, can achieve a long service life.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries?

Advantages of ternary lithium battery:

1. High energy density, can exceed 200WH/Kg; high voltage platform. The voltage platform is an important indicator of the battery energy density, which determines the basic performance and cost of the battery. Therefore, the selection of battery materials is of great significance. The higher the voltage platform, the greater the specific capacity. The battery with the same volume, weight, and even the same ampere-hour must have a longer cruising range than a ternary material lithium battery with a higher voltage platform.

Disadvantages of ternary lithium battery:

Low output efficiency: Tesla uses an NCR18650A battery with a typical capacity of 3070mAH, and the continuous discharge current can only reach 2C, and the discharge effect is best at 2C.

Fast capacity decay and short lifespan: The battery used in Tesla cars is cycled from 0% to 100% each time under the same charge and discharge current, and the capacity has decayed to 55% after 900 cycles. If so, 70% of the capacity can be maintained even after 3000 cycles.

Poor safety: No matter which brand of ternary material lithium battery is, there will be an open flame after an internal short circuit or when the positive electrode material encounters water. Even if the 18650 battery is protected by a steel shell, it still cannot withstand extreme shocks.

The element is toxic (the temperature of the ternary lithium battery rises sharply after high-power charge and discharge, and it releases oxygen after high temperature, which is very easy to burn).

The biggest feature of the ternary lithium battery is that the unit electric energy is relatively large, which is the result of comparing with the lithium iron phosphate battery. However, a major disadvantage of ternary lithium batteries is that the ignition point is low when subjected to impact and high temperature. Therefore, the protection requirements for ternary lithium batteries are very high to prevent accidents.

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