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Lithium-ion Battery Warning Label – Introduction and Requirements


Lithium-ion Battery Warning Label – Introduction and Requirements

Lithium-ion Battery Warning Requirements

As per different governments and institutions, there are rules and regulations that battery manufacturers must follow. Also, several international bodies approve the use of a particular type of battery.

These international bodies give the manufacturers the rules and regulations that they need to follow. They ensure that the warning labels are well designed, printed, and attached to the battery. The warning label requirements often change after a certain period of time.

In 2019, lithium-ion battery shipping labels were re-designed. Therefore, you can throw away the old lithium battery labels and get the new ones. These labels are only for shipping purposes, and most pilots responsible for cargo inspect every item because they are the last line of detecting hazardous materials.

Lithium-ion batteries are both chemical and electrical hazards; thus, you must be familiar with the labels for aviation safety. The new lithium-ion batteries shipping mark has a border of red diagonal catchings with a width of 5 millimeters. 

One of the requirements of warning labels in lithium-ion batteries is the UN number. The UN number is given to companies that meet the UN Manual tests and criteria' testing criteria. Also, the manufacturer must have a record of satisfactory completion of the tests and criteria.

The battery warning marks must have a sign indicating that it is flammable and can explode. This keeps all the transporters and users alert all the time. It makes users and transporters follow the guidelines given by the international bodies.

Therefore, it is always vital to check all the labels on your battery before doing anything stupid. It can cost someone's life if you become careless with these batteries. 

The warning labels must have an emergency number printed on them. This will help the transporters get help in case any problem arises during transportation or battery use. 

The rules and requirements when it comes to batteries can change more often. All these measures are meant for the safety of the products and the safety of people and the environment. 

There are different labels for large lithium-ion batteries and small batteries. It is an offense to use the wrong warning labels on a package. It is good to receive training for transportation and use of these products if you are not conversant with them.

Printable Lithium-ion Battery Warning Label

The lithium-ion battery warning labels are meant to keep us safe, and there must be an easy way to get them. You can get the warning labels on the internet and use them for the intended purpose. It is crucial to know that not all the available labels are legit.

The labels are subject to frequent changes; thus, you need to get them from a reliable source. The label should have all the details that are required by the international approving bodies. Also, the labels are available on different online shopping platforms.

You can easily print the labels at your workplace after verifying that they are the required type. You must print them in color and ensure that you cut out the shipping label, packing slip, and lithium battery mark. Attach them to your package using a tape or pouch.

Most of the labels sold in stores and online shops are in the form of tape. Therefore, you need to peel out the outer cover and attach your warning labels to the package. The most recent changes to the labels occurred in 2019 and always remain conversant with the changes.

Never use the warning label meant for small batteries in a package of large batteries. This will be risky, and at the same time, it is an offense.

What warnings do lithium batteries have on them?

Several warnings are available on the labels that the manufacturers and transporters stick to their packages. The first warning is that the batteries are highly flammable, and they must be handled with care. Also, the batteries can explode when subjected to some conditions.

The batteries also have a label that warns you from short-circuiting the batteries. It also warns you against disassembling the battery for whatever reasons without the needed training. The warning signs also need you to keep the batteries away from children because the kids can swallow the small round lithium batteries.

Also, the labels have warnings that restrict the use of soldering equipment on the batteries, and it also requires that you avoid mixing old batteries and new batteries. Also, you need to cover the battery terminals with insulating tape before storing them.

You are warned against charging the batteries with a high voltage for rechargeable batteries because they can explode. Always connect the electrodes correctly to avoid short-circuiting. Therefore, we must adhere to the warning signs for our safety and the safety of all the people.

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