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Made in China Audited supplier--A&S Power Technology


Good news !A&S power technology has become the Made in China Audited supplier of the lithium battery ,in recognition of our site existence & business operations , we audited by SGD-CSTC on 2017-04-17, audit report serlal number is QIP-AS172318, warmly welcome  visit our website : http://szaspower.en.made-in-china.com .


A&S power has been designing, developing, manufacturing and selling batteries and electrical accessories for over 10 years since 2001. We focus on the development of advanced lithium battery technology in the area.


We have established a sales distributing network in America, the UK, France, Japan, Germany, India, Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, etc., and also extend our businesses in new markets. Our brand is well renowned under the fidelity and constancy of faith on serving all customers. With our commitment of providing high quality, reasonable price products and one-stop services, new business partners in sole agent or direct importation pattern are greeted with joy.


Whatever your requirements, our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are committed to providing you with a range of quality products or product development solutions supported by the highest standard of customer care. We will do our best and look forward to working with you!

A&S Power made in china audited supplier

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