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New national standard, lithium battery industry scale industry is not unstoppable?


According to the national standards committee, GB/ t36972-2018 "lithium ion battery for electric bicycle" national standard was officially released, and the standard will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019.


This standard specifies the terms and definitions, symbols and model names, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marks, packaging, transportation and storage of lithium ion batteries for electric bicycles.

After the new national standards for electric bicycles were announced, there were strict restrictions on weight and speed, which led many enterprises to turn their attention to the lighter weight, greater energy density and longer life of lithium batteries.

The advantages of lithium battery are outstanding, but the disadvantages are also obvious:

1. Security.The safety of lithium-ion batteries, whether used in cars or electric cars, is a big public-relations issue.

2. Price.The cost of lithium-ion batteries is high, and consumers and dealers are sensitive to even a few hundred yuan difference.

3. The recovery.Lithium battery lack of unified standards, large car enterprises, different types of electric vehicles, customized batteries are not the same, no matter it is business or enterprise, take back not to make money or even lose money, this is the electric vehicle lithium battery can not form a benign operation of the important reason.

However, the new national standards for lithium battery will promote the technical level of lithium battery products, guide the industry to upgrade and take the road of high-quality development.First, uniform standards ensure safety!At the same time, lithium batteries will be recycled in accordance with the unified standard of power batteries, to ensure the stability of every link of the battery circulation!

The new national standards of lithium battery also released important signals, participate in the formulation of the national standards of units, in addition to xing heng, tianneng, super way and other electric vehicle battery enterprises, ningde times and other electric vehicle power battery giants are also prominent in the list.

This suggests that the rebels are of all stripes lithium electric field on electric vehicles, electric bicycle lithium battery this fat, future technology update speed is faster, price competition is only a matter of time before, so the lithium battery price rise, into the primary market is the inevitable trend, which contains billions of energy industry has formally took to the historical stage.

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