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Norway customer visited our factory on Nov 27, 2018 Written


Sami, a handsome and humorous client, is from a beautiful country—Norway.

      He sent us an inquiry for lipo battery first, then we added in wechat. Sami told me his requirements for the size and capacity of the lipo battery. So I recommended several items to him. After research and selection, Sami chose 6060115 7.4v 5000mah lithium polymer battery that was thought as most suitable for his project. Then we discussed some details for the battery.  According to Sami’s requirements, we made a specification for him, which earned his praise. And then he decided to visit us to have a look at our factory conditions asap.

      We arranged to meet on Nov 26 afternoon. When we picked him up near Qinghu Metro, Sami waved his hands with a big smile, wearing a cute hat. During the way to our factory, Sami talked with us some interesting stories in his country. And he also mentioned some plans of this new project in his company. The battery was applied into tablet, which belonged to India market. Sami said this project was on high priority in his company. So he wanted to visit factory and tested sample as soon as possible.

      After we arrived at the factory meeting room, we gave Sami a presentation about our factory and company first. We also asked each other several questions. Then we began to visit each department of factory, including materials room, assembling room, testing room, warehouse, etc. Sami checked each process very carefully, and would ask some questions if he was interested in or confused.

      It took about 1 hour for the whole visiting process. Sami was satisfied with our factory and decided to place a sample order. He told us it would be better to make sample as soon as possible for him, as he also wanted to show it to his customers next month. We promised to him that we would try our best to finish 6060115 lipo battery sample soon.

      Before we left the factory, we took a picture with Sami. How sweet smile!


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