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Production Process-2


Production Process-2

(7) Tab welding: This process is the second process of preparing the cell. Through special welding equipment, the stacked cells are welded to the tabs.

(8) Sealing: This process is the third process of preparing cells. Pack the cells with aluminum-plastic film.

(9) Injection: This process is the fourth process of preparing the cell. The electrolyte is injected into the encapsulated cell from the reserved injection port to form a semi-finished cell.

(10) Formation: The semi-finished cell is activated by charging and discharging for the first time according to the set charging and discharging conditions.

(11) Second sealing: The activated semi-finished battery cells are air-sealed and edged to form finished battery cells.

(12) Inspection: perform performance testing on the finished cells, and pack the qualified finished cells into the library.

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