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Small knowledge of ternary lithium battery

Small knowledge of ternary lithium battery

There are many people on the Internet who say that the iron oxide battery should be fully charged, and the ternary lithium battery should be charged to 90%. What is the reason for not fully charging it? Today, I will share with you a little knowledge about the use of ternary lithium batteries.

Everyone should have noticed that when the battery of the mobile phone is lower than 20%, there will be a prompt to remind the owner to charge as soon as possible. This threshold is not arbitrarily set, but is based on the best battery power maintained between 20% and 80%. This range is set The battery life is ensured by reducing the number of battery charging cycles.

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1. The principle of ternary battery

When the battery is overcharged or overdischarged, some electrons will be locked by the negative electrode or the positive electrode, and cannot continue to participate in charging and discharging. The capacity decay ternary lithium battery is also not suitable for over-discharging, and it is best to charge it when the remaining 20% of the power is left.

2. Taboos on the use of ternary batteries

Ternary batteries cannot be stored at full power for a long time, because long-term storage of lithium batteries with full power will lead to battery aging. In addition, the internal crystal is too active, which will cause the battery to bulge. Although the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is relatively low, it will continue to react. After that, the battery will be damaged.

If the ternary key battery wants to have a long life, the most taboo is over-discharge.

What affects the life of the ternary battery is overcharging

3. Daily maintenance tips for key batteries

1. The newly purchased key battery will have a little power, so users can use it directly when they get the battery.

2. Lithium batteries have no memory effect and can be charged at any time, but it should be noted that lithium batteries cannot be over-discharged, which will cause irreversible capacity loss.

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