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The advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium-ion batteries and how long is the life span?

The advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium-ion batteries and how long is the life span?

Ternary lithium ion battery is ternary polymer lithium ion battery, positive electrode data of lithium ion battery using ternary positive electrode data of lithium nickel cobalt manganate, namely containing nickel, cobalt, manganese three elements of transition metal embedded lithium oxide lithium ion battery with data positive electrode. This data summarized the advantages of lithium cobaltate, lithium nickelate and lithium manganate, forming a three-phase eutectic system of the three data. Because of the ternary synergistic effect, the induction function is superior to any single compound, and the component energy density can reach 200Wh/kg.

Ternary lithium ion battery has high energy density and better cycle performance than normal lithium drill acid. At present, with the continuous improvement of the formula and structure, the nominal voltage of the battery has reached 3.7V, and the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium ion drill acid battery.
Ternary material power lithium ion battery important nickel drill aluminate lithium ion battery, nickel drill manganese acid lithium ion battery, high temperature structure is unstable, resulting in poor high temperature safety, and pH value is too high to make the single gas, and then cause failure, the cost is not low under the current conditions.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium-ion batteries?

The advantages of three-way lithium-ion battery are smaller volume, higher capacity density, low temperature resistance and better cycle performance, which is the mainstream of new energy passenger vehicles.
The disadvantage of ternary lithium ion battery is: poor thermal stability, decomposition will occur at 250-300℃ high temperature, and the chemical reaction of ternary lithium material is especially strong, once the release of oxygen molecules, under high temperature use of electrolyte combustion rapidly, then deflation phenomenon.

How long is the life of a ternary lithium battery?

The theoretical life of ternary lithium battery is 1200 times of full charge and discharge, that is, full cycle life. According to the use frequency, charge and discharge once every three days, 120 times a year, the service life of the three-way lithium battery reaches about 10 years. The service life of the battery is affected by a variety of factors, such as the driver's habit and normal maintenance. The actual use of the battery shall prevail.

Three cathode material of lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery cathode material has many kinds, important lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid, lithium nickel acid, ternary material, lithium iron phosphate and so on. The three-component material integrates the advantages of lithium cobalt, lithium nickelate and lithium manganate, and has excellent characteristics such as high capacity, low cost and good safety. It gradually occupies a certain market share in small lithium electricity, and has a good development prospect in the field of power lithium electricity.

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