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The difference between a primary battery and a secondary battery?

What is a secondary lithium battery? The difference between a primary battery and a secondary battery?

Lithium batteries can be divided into primary lithium batteries and secondary lithium batteries. A secondary lithium battery pack refers to a lithium battery composed of several secondary battery packs, which is called a secondary lithium battery pack. A primary battery refers to a battery that cannot be recharged.

Structurally, a secondary battery undergoes reversible changes between electrode volume and structure during discharge, while the interior of a primary battery is much simpler because it does not need to accommodate these reversible changes.

A&S Power Lithium Battery

The mass-specific capacity and volume-specific capacity of the primary battery are larger than ordinary rechargeable batteries, but the internal resistance is much larger than that of the secondary battery, so the load capacity is lower.

Primary batteries have much less self-discharge than secondary batteries. Primary batteries can only be discharged once, for example, alkaline batteries and carbon batteries fall into this category, and secondary batteries can be used repeatedly.

The internal resistance of the primary battery is much higher than that of the secondary battery, and its high-current discharge performance is not as good as that of the secondary battery. Under the condition of small current and intermittent discharge, the mass specific capacity of the primary battery is greater than that of the ordinary secondary battery, but when the discharge current is greater than 800mAh, Then the capacity advantage of the primary battery will be significantly reduced.

Secondary batteries are more environmentally friendly than primary batteries. Primary batteries must be discarded after use, while rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly. From the perspective of waste reduction, resource utilization and economical considerations, the advantages of secondary batteries are very obvious.

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