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The role of lithium ion battery electrolyte


The role of lithium ion battery electrolyte

Electrolyte is one of the core materials of lithium secondary battery and lithium primary battery capacity, and it improves the fluidity between the mobile anode and cathode, and acts as a medium. As an important part of lithium-ion batteries, electrolyte plays a role in transporting ions and conducting current between the positive and negative electrodes. Choosing a suitable electrolyte is also a lithium ion secondary with high energy density and power density, long cycle life and good safety performance. The key to the battery.

The electrolyte of a lithium battery is the interaction between the electrolyte and the electrode material in the battery, which itself has a decomposition reaction, and it participates in almost all the reaction processes that occur inside the battery. At present, the electrolyte contained in lithium-ion batteries is mostly organic. Under overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and thermal shock, the temperature of the battery rises rapidly, and the electrolyte is generally flammable, which often leads to The battery caught fire or even exploded.

Electrolyte is an important part of lithium-ion battery, which transports ions and conducts current between the positive and negative poles. From the phase state, lithium-ion battery electrolytes can be divided into three types: liquid, solid and molten salt electrolytes.

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