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The working principle and detailed explanation of lithium ion battery energy storage power station


Detailed explanation of the working principle and application scenarios of lithium-ion battery energy storage power stations


The working principle of lithium-ion battery energy storage power station

The working principle of emergency lithium energy storage vehicles or megawatt-level fixed energy storage power stations is to directly convert high-power lithium-ion battery packs into single-phase and three-phase AC power through an inverter.


1. Charging

Emergency lithium battery storage vehicles or megawatt-level fixed energy storage power stations are set with slow and fast charging sockets. The fast and slow charging method is to control the length of the charging time by selecting different charging currents. The entire charging process is monitored by an intelligent management system. When the voltage of any single cell of the lithium-ion battery reaches the set value, the charger will automatically terminate the charging of the battery pack.

2. Discharge

Emergency energy storage vehicles or megawatt-level fixed energy storage power stations are specially designed with output interfaces (usually two types of high-power three-phase output interfaces and conventional single-phase output sockets are designed according to user requirements).


3. Maintenance

Normally, just check the indicators of each single battery on the display of the lithium-ion battery management system, without manual maintenance. The battery management system is equipped with a known capacity display, a voltage display, and a display of the temperature of each single battery and its minimum or maximum voltage.


Application scenarios of lithium-ion battery energy storage power station

1. Energy storage emergency power supply vehicle

The energy storage emergency power supply vehicle is composed of a lithium-ion battery pack, an inverter, and a battery management system. The inverter directly converts the battery into single-phase and three-phase alternating current. Normally, you only need to freely choose the charging period to charge the battery pack. When the battery pack is fully charged, it can be called at any time within one year, and there is no need for floating charge. We can supply 100KW, 1000KW, 5000KW, megawatt-class mobile emergency energy storage vehicles. This emergency energy storage vehicle can be used in the national defense and military fields, civil disaster relief and rescue or large-scale public events. Normally use the trough battery to fully charge, and stand by at any time to drive to the destination to send power.


2. Energy storage fixed power station

The fixed energy storage power station consists of a lithium-ion battery pack, BMS management system, PCS converter system, EMS energy monitoring system, auxiliary systems (including temperature control, fire protection, etc.), and is a power station-type energy storage system installed in a container. Because the self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries is small, there is no need to maintain long-term operation in a floating charge state like traditional lead-acid batteries or nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries. Energy storage power stations combine with new energy power generation systems to become distributed power sources for independent microgrids. It is suitable for supplying reliable power in areas with no electricity or lack of electricity, and can also provide peak shifting and valley filling and peak shaving and frequency modulation services for large power grids.


3. Communication backup power

The market for communication backup power mainly includes two parts. One is that the energy storage of newly-built base stations constitutes an annual market increase; the other is that the expiration of replacement of existing base station batteries constitutes the basis of the annual market.

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