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What are the differences between power lithium battery and ordinary lithium battery?

What are the differences between power lithium battery and ordinary lithium battery?

New energy vehicles are powered by power lithium batteries, which are actually a kind of power supply for road transport vehicles. The main differences between it and ordinary lithium batteries are as follows:

First, the nature is different

Power lithium battery refers to the battery that supplies power for transportation vehicles, generally related to the small battery that supplies energy for portable electronic equipment; The ordinary battery is a lithium metal or lithium alloy as the anode material, the use of non-aqueous electrolyte solution of the primary battery, and rechargeable battery lithium ion battery and lithium ion polymer battery is different.

Two, different battery capacity

In the case of new batteries, the discharge instrument is used to test the battery capacity. Generally, the capacity of power lithium battery is about 1000-1500mAh. The capacity of the ordinary battery is more than 2000mAh, and some can reach 3400mAh.

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Three, the voltage difference

The operating voltage of the general power lithium battery is lower than that of the general lithium battery. General lithium-ion battery charging voltage is the highest 4.2V, power lithium battery charging voltage is about 3.65V. General lithium ion battery nominal voltage is 3.7V, power lithium ion battery nominal voltage is 3.2V.

Four, discharge power is different

A 4200mAh power lithium battery can emit light in just a few minutes, but ordinary batteries can not do so, so the discharge capacity of ordinary batteries can not be compared with the power lithium battery. The biggest difference between power lithium battery and ordinary battery is that the discharge power is large and the specific energy is high. Since the power battery is mainly used for the energy supply of vehicles, it has higher discharge power than the ordinary battery.

Five. Different applications

The batteries that supply driving power for electric vehicles are called power lithium batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and emerging lithium-ion power lithium-ion batteries, which are divided into power type lithium battery (hybrid electric vehicle) and energy type lithium battery (pure electric vehicle); Lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones and laptops are generally referred to as lithium-ion batteries to distinguish them from the power lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars.

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