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What are the types of lithium-ion battery separators?


What are the types of lithium-ion battery separators?

The separators of lithium-ion batteries can be divided into different types according to their structure and composition. There are three kinds of common and important ones on the market today, namely porous polymer membranes, non-woven membranes and inorganic composite membranes.

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1. Porous polymer film: refers to a lithium-ion battery separator with uniform pore distribution prepared by mechanical methods, thermally induced phase separation methods, and immersion precipitation methods.

2. Non-woven separator: It is composed of oriented or random fibers, and is usually compounded with organic matter or ceramic gel to obtain a lithium-ion battery separator with better chemical and physical properties.

3. Inorganic composite membrane: Most of them are lithium-ion battery separators obtained by compounding inorganic nanoparticles and high polymers.

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