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What is a low-temperature battery?

What is a low-temperature battery?

The low-temperature battery is a special battery specially developed for the low-temperature defects inherent in the performance of chemical power sources. The low-temperature battery uses VGCF and activated carbon with a specific surface area of (2000±500)㎡/g as additives and its matching positive and negative electrode materials, and injects a special electrolyte with special additives to ensure the low-temperature discharge function of the low-temperature battery. Shelving at 70°C for 24h has a volume change rate of ≦0.5%, which has the safety and storage functions of conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Low-temperature batteries refer to lithium-ion batteries with an operating temperature below -40°C, which are mainly used in special aerospace, vehicle equipment, scientific research and emergency rescue, power communications, public safety, medical electronics, railways, ships, robots and other fields. Low-temperature lithium-ion batteries are divided into: energy storage low-temperature lithium-ion batteries and rate-type low-temperature lithium-ion batteries according to discharge performance. Low-temperature lithium-ion batteries are divided into application fields: special low-temperature lithium-ion batteries, industrial low-temperature lithium-ion batteries. According to its use environment, it is divided into three series: civilian low-temperature battery, special low-temperature battery, and extreme environment low-temperature battery.

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