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What is the material of lithium battery diaphragm?

What is the material of lithium battery diaphragm? 

Performance and classification of lithium ion battery diaphragms
Lithium ion battery diaphragm. In the structure of lithium battery, diaphragm is one of the key inner components. For lithium battery series, as the electrolyte is an organic solvent system, organic solvent resistant diaphragm materials are needed, and high-strength thin-film polyolefin porous membrane is generally used.

I. Performance of lithium ion battery diaphragm products
Because the performance of lithium ion battery diaphragm determines the capacity, cycle performance, charge and discharge current density and other key characteristics of lithium ion battery, the diaphragm needs to have appropriate thickness, ion transmittance, pore size and porosity and enough chemical stability, thermal stability and mechanical stability.

The lithium-ion battery diaphragm has a large number of zigzag through micropores, which can ensure the free passage of electrolyte ions to form a charging and discharging circuit. When the battery is overcharged or the temperature rises, the separator separates the positive and negative electrodes of the battery through the obturator function to prevent its direct contact and short circuit, to block the conduction of current, to prevent the battery from overheating or even exploding.

Second, the classification of lithium ion battery diaphragm
According to different physical and chemical properties, lithium battery diaphragm materials can be divided into: woven film, nonwoven film (non-woven fabric), microporous film, composite film, diaphragm paper, roller film and so on. Polyolefin materials have excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability and relatively cheap characteristics, so polyolefin microporous membranes such as polyethylene and polypropylene were used as lithium battery membranes in the early stage of research and development. Although other materials are used to prepare lithium battery membranes, for example, F,Boudin et al used the phase conversion method in 1999 to prepare lithium battery membranes using polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) as the bulk polymer. Kuribayash Isao et al. studied cellulose composite membrane as the diaphragm material of lithium battery.

However, up to now, polyethylene and polypropylene microporous membranes are still the main diaphragm materials for commercial lithium batteries. Solid and gel electrolytes are beginning to be used as specialized components, which simultaneously act as electrolytes and cell membranes, and are an emerging technology.

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