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What is the purpose and significance of the lithium-ion battery energy storage system?


What is the purpose and significance of the lithium-ion battery energy storage system?

At present, energy storage battery technology is developing rapidly, and the field of lithium-ion battery energy storage has been closely watched. Once a breakthrough is made, it will have a major impact on the development of new energy, grid operation control, and terminal energy use methods.

The use of lithium ion battery energy storage system

1. New energy grid-connected demand, including power quality improvement, smoothing; new energy power generation plan tracking, combined with power generation curve prediction; peak cutting and valley filling, so that new energy continues to generate electricity; combined with photovoltaic and wind power generation, smooth power output , Increase the proportion of grid acceptance, make full use of new energy sources, and reduce harmful gas emissions;

2. Adjust the load curve, cut peaks and fill valleys, and improve the utilization of power distribution equipment and lines;

3. Participate in power grid frequency modulation to improve the power supply level of the large power grid;

4. As an important part of the micro-grid, solve people's livelihood problems and improve the quality of power supply in some areas;

5. Important elements of smart grid;

6. Special requirements (photovoltaic power stations, disaster sites, subway stations, airport terminals, military bases and other places where uninterrupted power supply is required)

7. Data center: Lithium-ion battery can be charged and discharged quickly many times, and has high-density characteristics. It stores electricity during the municipal electric wave trough period. When the electric wave peak comes, the stored power is transmitted to the data center, thereby reducing the power grid Crest pressure. This function will make a great contribution to both green energy saving and PUE, and it can meet the dual requirements of the government and data center users regarding PUE and TCO;

8. Distributed energy storage, used for peak shaving and valley filling in factories and buildings;

9. Standby power supply.

Energy storage market

Including large-scale power storage, household energy storage, and backup power storage. Under the existing technology, the cost performance of lithium-ion batteries in the field of back-up power storage has been significantly improved, and the fields of back-up power and home energy storage are more suitable fields for lithium-ion battery applications at this stage. Among them, the market for energy storage, especially in the field of backup power storage, is particularly broad. The future market potential of lithium-ion battery energy storage is unlimited.

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