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Introduction of ternary materials for ternary lithium-ion batteries


Introduction of ternary materials for ternary lithium-ion batteries

Which ternary is a ternary lithium-ion battery? The "ternary" of a ternary lithium-ion battery refers to a polymer containing three metal elements of nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn) or aluminum (Al), which is used as a positive electrode in a ternary lithium-ion battery . The three are indispensable and play a huge role inside the battery.

Nickel: The important purpose is to increase the volumetric energy density of the battery, which is an important breakthrough to increase the cruising range, but too much content will cause nickel ions to occupy the position of lithium ions (mixed nickel-metal hydride), resulting in a decrease in capacity.

Cobalt: Inhibit the mixing of cations to improve stability and extend battery life. In addition, it also determines the battery's charge and discharge speed and efficiency (rate performance), but excessive cobalt content will reduce the actual capacity.

Aluminum or manganese: Cobalt is a very expensive rare metal with high cost. The purpose of manganese or aluminum is to reduce the cost of cathode materials and improve the safety and stability of the battery.

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