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2016 China and foreign lithium battery-related fire accident


Lithium-ion battery because of its high energy density, environmentally friendly, long life and other characteristics, in the field of consumer electronics and new energy vehicles have an irreplaceable role. But at the same time, lithium-ion battery is also very dangerous, very prone to fire explosion. According to OFweek lithium power grid incomplete statistics, in 2016 lithium battery industry-related fire accident costs 40, distributed in the production of lithium-ion battery, transportation, application, recycling and other links.

1IPhone 6 lithium-ion battery fire burning.

According to reports on August 2, in the case of no damage by the impact, an iPhone 6 cell phone lithium-ion battery fire burning, resulting in the owner by the three burns.

2, Samsung Note7 explosion.

From August 24 to October 10, Samsung experienced a half months of suffering. Samsung Note7 battery problems due to global recall, and then discontinued. Samsung lost more than tens of billions of money, as well as consumer confidence in the Samsung brand. Note 7 The reason for the explosion, Samsung has yet to give the official answer.

3, An electric vehicle in Anhui has a fire on charging

January 18 morning 1 am, Hefei Feixi Road Cui Zhuyuan West Village area, a charging electric car suddenly burned, tires, glass, etc. have burst, the projection of the Mars also ignited two Car and a motorcycle. Near the residents were awakened, the police quickly, but the fire was extinguished by fire, the four vehicles have been left skeleton. According to preliminary statistics, the fire caused the loss of about 30 million.

4, Taiwan mobile power in the aircraft on fire.

Wei Hang ZV252 flight May 6 at 10 pm mobile power in the cabin fire led to the aircraft return, fortunately, the flight attendants immediately fire fighting, and mobile power placed in the water cooling bin did not happen calamity.

5, Wuhan Fu special re-burning waste lithium battery container burned more than 2 hours.

A month and a half ago, Wuhan Fu special electronic Technology Co., Ltd. production workshop fire, hundreds of square meters of production workshop was burned. Guessed, the fire has not yet fully repair the plant, October 15, the company a collection of discarded lithium battery containers have recently re-exploded fire, the fire lasted two hours before being extinguished.


In so many shocking case, everyone on the risk of lithium-ion battery experience may be more profound. In fact, many of the above accidents can be avoided. So please when you use the batteries, purchase batteries, storage batteries, please select the attention of qualified manufacturers.

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