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2017 Global China lithium battery market trends overview


By the new energy automotive market continued rapid expansion of the impact of the past two years, China's lithium battery rechargeable demand soared, the battery has gradually become the leading force in the growth of lithium battery industry.2016, lithium battery rechargeable industry continued the momentum of rapid development. QYResearch battery research center statistics show that in 2016 China Lithium battery cell output value will reach 103.2 billion yuan, the growth part of the main power lithium battery is expected in 2017 China lithium battery cell output value will reach $123.7 billion, is expected to 2018 China Lithium battery cell output value will reach $148.8 billion.

2016 lithium battery rechargeable two major applications - mobile phones and electric vehicles show varying degrees of rapid growth.According to QYResearch data show that in the first half of China's mobile phone production reached 969 million, an increase of 23.5%, new energy vehicle production 288,000, an increase of 87.2%. The rapid growth of major downstream products, driven by lithium-ion battery demand soared, reversing the lithium-ion battery production growth continued to decline trend.QIResearch battery research center statistics show that lithium-ion battery demand continues to grow rapidly, 2016 lithium battery production reached 62.34GWH, is expected to 2017 China's lithium-ion battery market size will reach 82.18GWH, the next three years compound growth rate will be 25%.

Affected by the power of the lithium battery rechargeable is expected in 2017, although the soft package batteries continue to sit tightly in terms of growth and growth rate of the first position, but by the challenges of square batteries, combined with mature 3C soft battery market and part of the power battery is still soft Packet batteries to consider, the past two years will continue to be the most important type of battery pack, and with the power battery factory in the past two years, especially in the country Xuan, BYD led the large-scale expansion of the battery manufacturers square power core production line, By 2018, the square batteries will replace the soft packs of batteries to become the most commercially available battery type. Cylindrical batteries are three kinds of battery batteries in the overall competitiveness of the weakest one, but by the Shenzhen City Water Electric New Battery Co., Ltd. as the representative of the power battery business rapid expansion of its market position can not be underestimated.

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