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A simple way to check the status of Lithium-ion batteries

Rechargeable batteries are the core of many new technologies, such as renewable energy sources that are becoming more and more popular. More specifically, they are used to power electric cars, phones, and laptop computers. The institute recently demonstrated a non-contact method to detect the state of charge of lithium-ion batteries and any potential defects. For this reason, the atomic magnetometer is used to measure the magnetic field around the battery. The team usually uses atomic magnetism to explore basic problems in physics, such as finding unknown particles. Magnetism is a term used to describe magnetic field measurement. The compass is a simple application example. The magnetic field of the earth makes it point to the north.

People's demand for high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries is increasing, so a sensitive and accurate measurement technique is needed to determine the state of the battery. The development of many new technologies will depend on the ability to produce batteries that can provide sufficient capacity and long effective life. "Ensuring the quality of rechargeable batteries is a major challenge. Our non-contact detection method is expected to improve the battery. The research team uses an atomic magnetometer for measurement and has made breakthrough progress.

Experts said: "Our technology is basically the same as magnetic resonance imaging, but it is much simpler because we use an atomic magnetometer." The atomic magnetometer is an optically pumped magnetometer that uses gaseous atoms as magnetic field probes. They are commercially available and can be used for industrial applications as well as basic research.

Simple method for fast, high-throughput measurement
In the case of battery measurement, the battery is placed in a background magnetic field. The battery changes the background magnetic field, and we can measure this change with an atomic magnetometer. Wickenbrook added: "This change provides us with information about the battery's state of charge, remaining battery power, and possible damage.

The research team said that the detection capabilities of this technology are expected to be used for research, quality control or evaluation of batteries during operation.
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