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Advantages of Lithium-ion battery


Lithium-ion batteries have the following significant advantages over other types of batteries.

1 high working voltage. The working voltage of lithium cobalt oxide lithium ion battery is 3.6V, the working voltage of lithium manganese oxide lithium ion battery is 3.7V, the working voltage of lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery is 3.2V, and the nickel hydrogen and nickel cadmium battery The operating voltage is only 1.2V.

2 high energy density. The theoretical energy density of lithium ion battery cathode material can reach more than 200W·h/kg. In practical applications, due to irreversible capacity loss, the energy density is usually lower than this value, but it can also reach 140W·h/kg, which is still 3 times the nickel cadmium battery and 1.5 times the nickel-hydrogen battery.

3 long cycle life. At present, in the case of deep discharge, the number of cycles of lithium-ion batteries can reach more than 1000 times; under the condition of low discharge depth, the number of cycles can reach tens of thousands of times, and its performance is far superior to other similar batteries.

4 small self-discharge. The monthly self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is only 5% to 9% of the total capacity, which greatly alleviates the problem of power loss caused by self-discharge when the conventional secondary battery is placed.

5 no memory effect.

6 high environmental protection. Compared with the traditional environmental problems caused by the waste of traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and even nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not contain harmful elements such as mercury, lead and cadmium, and are truly green batteries.

With the rapid development of mobile electronic equipment and increasing energy demand, people's demand for lithium-ion batteries is also growing. Lithium-ion battery's high capacity, moderate voltage, wide source and long cycle life, low cost, good performance, no pollution to the environment, etc., which determines that it can not only be applied to mobile communication tools, but also may be the power supply for the rapid development of electric vehicles.

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