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Advantages of polymer lithium ion batteries


The main difference between Polymer lithium ion battery and ordinary battery is the electrolyte. In the original design in 1970s used solid polymer electrolyte. This type of electrolyte is similar to a plastic film, which does not carry electrons but allows ion exchange (can be charged atom or group of atoms). The polymer electrolyte has replaced the traditional porous membrane. The design of the dry polymer electrolyte allows the assembly to be simplified, to increase the mechanical strength of the battery, to be safe, and to be able to manufacture a thin geometry. The thickness of a single cell can be thin to 1mm. The designer can freely design the various sizes and shapes according to their imagination. Unfortunately, the solid polymer lithium ion battery can not drive the laptop hard drive. Because it is subject to its poor conductivity and internal resistance is too high to provide the current communications equipment required high pulse current .When heating the battery to 60 degrees Celsius, the conductivity increased rapidly, but this requirement is not suitable for portable devices.

As a compromise, some gel electrolytes were introduced. At present, most of the polymer lithium ion batteries sold on the market is mixed batteries containing gel electrolytes. Lithium ion polymer is used to modify the system to make it the only polymer power supply for portable devices. What is the difference between the lithium ion polymer battery and the general lithium ion battery after adding the gel electrolyte? Although these two cells are very similar in performance, lithium ion polymer is the only solid electrolyte to replace the porous membrane. The gel electrolyte increases the ionic conductivity. Polymer lithium-ion batteries are not as popular as some analysts predict. Its advantages and low manufacturing costs have not been recognized yet. Because of its capacity has not been improved, actually, the capacity is slightly lower than standard lithium ion batteries. The market of Polymer lithium ion battery is in the application of ultra-thin geometry power supply, such as credit card power supply and other similar applications.

Advantage: very thin, the battery can be assembled into the credit card

Flexible shape: manufacturers do not have to be limited to the standard shape , can be made to the appropriate size.

Light weight: polymer electrolyte batteries do not need a metal shell as a protective packaging.

Improved safety: overcharge is more stable, electrolyte leakage probability is lower.

Limitations: compared with lithium ion battery energy density and the number of cycles have decreased. Cost expensive. Without the standard shape, most batteries are manufactured for the high volume consumer market.The price, and energy is relatively higher than the lithium ion batteries.

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