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Assembly Process of Lithium Ion Battery


Lithium ion battery technology is very strict and complex. Here is a brief introduction of several major processes.

1) Into Slurry

With special solvent and adhesive, respectively, and powder positive and negative polar active material mixed, after high speed mixing evenly, made to be slurry positive and negative material.

2) Coating Film

   The slurry is uniformly coated on the surface of the metal foil,and dry it, then were made of positive and negative electrode sheet.

   3) Assembling

   According to the positive plate, negative plate, diaphragm diaphragm, top-down order placed, winding made of battery, and then by injecting electrolyte and sealing process.This completes the assembly process of the battery and is made into a finished battery.

   4) Aging Test

   Using special battery charging and discharging equipment make the charge and discharge test for the finished battery,each battery need be tested and the qualified products are screened out.


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