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Battery Lipo's Market Share is Expected to Exceed 50%?


Battery lipo cells market share continues to rise. Especially in this year, under the background of the overall slowdown in industrial development , lipo battery s growth has become a major part of the industry.


Battery lipo cells have good safety performance, light weight, large battery capacity, good cycle performance, small resistance, and flexible design . With pulling of 3C, new energy vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, energy storage and other downstream market , its market share is expected to exceed 50% within two years .


1), Good safety performance : The leakage of lithium polymer battery electrolyte is less . And even if there is a safety risk occurs , the package of the battery will be split , not like the hard metal battery may explode .

2)Light weight :For same capacity , the battery lipo will be much lighter than hard metal case battery .

3)High capacity :For the same size , the capacity of battery lipo will be about 40% higher than stainless case battery , and 20% higher than aluminum case battery.

4)Deep cycle life : The cycle life will be longer than the aluminum case battery .

Small internal resistance : The resistance of soft package battery lipo is small. The minimum can be 35mΩ, greatly reduce the power consumption of the battery itself.

5)Flexible design: The dimension can be customized according to customers requirements . It could be smaller , thinner . The thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm while the metal case can only reach 4mm.

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