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Boeing invests in battery startup Cuberg to launch electric aircraft


Electricization has become a major trend in the future of the aircraft, this area is also expected to become the future arena of aviation giants.

Boeing HorizonX Ventures, a venture capital arm of airline giant Boeing, recently invested in California-based battery startup Cuberg, which is developing a high-density lithium-ion battery that coincides with Boeing's goal of launching electric aircraft.

Previously, Cuberg teamed up with JetBlue to invest in Zunum Aero, a hybrid-aircraft startup that raised a whopping $ 3.3 million in the latest round of funding.

It is reported that Cuberg responsible person who participated in Tesla battery research, he revealed that the current status of the battery pack is still not suitable for mainstream commercial aircraft size and weight requirements. Compared to the fuel, the battery is also difficult to break the limits of life mileage. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a high density, high safety battery.

Cuberg's official online demo of a video - compared to their own research and development of lithium batteries and ordinary 18650 lithium battery. The video shows that under the same conditions, Cuberg's batteries did not catch fire, which violently burned.

Steve Nordlund, vice president of Boeing, said: "Cuberg is the most energy-dense battery technology we are currently seeing on the market. Its unique chemical reaction proves that there is already a safe, stable and efficient solution in the future of power transmission systems. "

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