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Briefly describes the misunderstandings of lithium ion battery life

Mobile power supply, has become the most customer in daily life indispensable a digital equipment, whether in the subway to and from work, is still a flight, train or long-distance bus to the destination, we can see the figure, enjoy in our mobile power bring us convenient, its safety performance is also known to everyone needs, all its internal lithium batteries under the action of people mistake, will let the mobile power full end ahead of schedule.

Because most of the mobile power supply in the market is composed of lithium ion battery (including 18650 or polymer battery), circuit board and shell, and the traditional impression of people, when it comes to the safety of lithium ion battery, will naturally associate with a variety of explosions. So today we are going to talk about the proper operation of mobile power in daily use, to prevent the death of lithium ion battery in mobile power.
Li-ion Battery 750Li-ion Polymer Battery 750
Because the lithium ion battery inside the mobile power supply is proportional to the weight, and some mobile power supply capacity of tens of thousands of milliampere-hour has more than 200g of its own weight, coupled with the use of plastic shell planning, in the case of falling is very easy to break the product's shell.In particular, the cheap, defective portable power supply has a case made of very fragile recycled plastic.

Assuming a mobile power supply internal insulation planning does not reach the designated position, and the batteries and PCB the cables between the solder joint loose, there was a desoldering is simple in drop, in catch up with the batteries maintenance circuit is planning to the main circuit boards, circuit board and batteries, wires and other bearing contact, may appear directly short-circuit condition.

And the mobile power source that a few make work compare thick can pass a few fixed means commonly each wire of electric core firm is fixed, the length of appropriate wire and super fixed processing further enhanced the insulation effect inside.However, about most customers, it is difficult to understand the internal structure and insulation effect of mobile power, so in our daily use of mobile power, the first thing to pay attention to is to prevent the fall of mobile power.

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