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California, the United States use battery energy storage to replace the peak gas power generation


California, the United States use battery energy storage to replace the peak gas power generation

According to Mining Weekly, Bloom berg News Agency reported that California-based California, powered by a battery-powered electric vehicle, is starting another similar revolution in public facilities that could cause problems for all gas-fired power plants in the United States.

On January 11, the California Public Utilities Commission ordered PG & E Corp., the state's largest utility company, to change the peak power supply.To get rid of the complete dependence on three gas-fired power plants operated by Calpine Corp.,PG & E must use batteries or other non-fuel resources to secure the lighting electricity needs of the densest populated U.S. state.

This shift is possible in California, in part because of the solar surplus.Over the past decade, California's renewable energy usage has more than doubled as rooftop solar panels and large-scale acquisition systems have evolved.The battery can be recharged during the day and then released.As technology advances and costs go down, energy storage systems for public facilities become more viable, especially as California plans to increase its proportion of solar power to 50% by 2030 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael Ferguson, head of US energy infrastructure research at Standard & Poor's Global Ratings, said that California is mapping the roadmap for the coming years, with a large population, rich renewable energy sources, lower electricity costs and a battery of storage such.

The U.S. government has been seeking ways to reduce its emissions to curb global warming and climate change.Two years ago, clean and cheap natural gas became the main source of power generation in the United States.Data from the U.S. government show that at present, natural gas power generation accounts for one third of the total U.S. power generation. But solar and wind power are growing even faster, up from 17% in 2017 compared to 10 years ago.

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