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《Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment》 Lithium Battery Industry


Recently, the national development and reform commission has issued a catalogue of industries that encourage foreign investment (draft) for public comment.It can be seen from the catalogue that China attaches great importance to giving full play to the role of foreign capital in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promoting the development of emerging industries.Lithium ion battery as a new industry + high-tech industry, the presence in this directory is not low.

Lithium battery production

As you can see from the catalogue, incentives for foreign investment in lithium-ion batteries focus on these points.

1) Lithium ion battery.Including the manufacture of relevant materials such as diaphragm, aluminum foil for electrodes, lithium electric products manufacturing.

2) The automobile power battery.Including power battery, battery management system (BMS), battery dedicated production equipment design and manufacturing.

3) Battery energy storage.Including storage and transportation equipment and inspection system manufacturing, large storage production technology research and development and application.

4) Battery recycling.Including battery recycling and related recycling equipment manufacturing.

In addition, there are battery replacement station construction and sea salt extraction lithium and other related industries.

This incentive is both an opportunity and a challenge for domestic producers of lithium-ion batteries.

Opportunities and challenges coexist

In terms of both raw materials and production technology of lithium ion batteries, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries.Although the production and sales volume of lithium ion batteries in China are amazing, most of them are imported, especially in ternary lithium batteries. The supply of raw materials is almost monopolized by several foreign giants.In terms of technology, samsung SDI of South Korea, LG chem and panasonic of Japan are still leading the way.Therefore, the domestic advantages in battery cost and technology are relatively low.However, as foreign investment in China intensifies and competition intensifies, leading domestic enterprises may further study battery technology in order to seize the market.

Automobile power battery

The battery waste reporting period is expected to come in 2018, however, until this year, China's battery recycling efficiency is not high also, car power battery recycling, only about 7%, although has quite a few enterprises to actively deployed battery recycling and arrangement in use, but to encourage foreign investment, promote domestic battery recycling, is helpful to enrich and perfect battery recycling system.

In terms of energy storage, China's development in the past two years is amazing. Many electrochemical energy storage projects have been put into use and operation.In addition, many domestic enterprises have devoted themselves to overseas to create "made in China".The central and western regions are also key to development. Encouraging foreign enterprises to enter and accelerating the allocation of energy storage in the central and western regions are important steps to coordinate regional resource allocation and effective means to strengthen "One Belt And One Road" and promote the development of an open economy.

China encourages related industries to further open up in the field of foreign investment, which is a big step to open the door, and plays a crucial role in the market reform and development, economic acceleration, and industrial restructuring of lithium battery industry.

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