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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of soft pack, square and cylindrical battery

Solar street lights have now become the main facilities for lighting urban and rural roads. They are simple to install and do not require a lot of wiring. They convert light energy into electric energy, and then electric energy into light energy, which brings brightness to the night. Rechargeable batteries play a key role.

Compared with the lead-acid batteries or gel batteries in the past, the lithium batteries commonly used nowadays are better in terms of specific energy, specific power, etc., and it is easier to achieve rapid charging and deep discharge, and the lifespan is longer. We have brought a better light experience.

However, there is a difference between the quality of lithium batteries. Today we will start with the packaging form to see what are the characteristics of these lithium batteries and which is better. The packaging forms often include cylindrical winding, square stacking and Square winding type.

1) Cylindrical battery (cylindrical winding type), generally using steel shell, but also aluminum shell. The process is relatively mature, small size, flexible grouping, low cost, mature process, and good consistency; after grouping, the heat dissipation is not good, the weight is heavy, and the specific energy is low.
Li-ion Battery 750
2) For prismatic batteries (square winding type), steel shells were mostly in the early days, and aluminum shells are now the majority. Good heat dissipation, easy design in groups, good reliability, high safety, including explosion-proof valve, high hardness; high cost, multiple models, difficult to unify the level of technology, is one of the mainstream technical routes.
LiFePo4 Battery 750
3) Soft pack battery (square laminated type), aluminum-plastic film as the outer packaging, flexible size change, high specific energy, light weight, relatively small internal resistance; poor mechanical strength, difficult sealing process, complex group structure, heat dissipation Poor design, no explosion-proof device, easy to leak, poor consistency, and high cost.
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