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Do You Know This History Of Lithium Battery?


Lithium battery is a kind of battery which is made of lithium or lithium alloy as anode material, and uses non aqueous electrolyte solution. The first lithium battery came from the great inventor Edison.

Because of the chemical properties of lithium is very lively, Lithium metal processing, storage and using of environmental requirements are very high. Therefore, the lithium battery has not been used for a long time.

   With the development of micro electronics technology in twentieth Century, the miniaturization of the equipment is increasing, and the demand for power supply is very high. Lithium battery has entered a large-scale practical stage.

   The earliest application in cardiac pacemaker. Because the self discharge rate of lithium battery is very low, the discharge voltage is gentle.The long-term use of pacemaker implantation in the human body become possible.

   Lithium batteries are generally higher than the nominal voltage of 3 volts, Its more suitable for integrated circuit power supply. Manganese dioxide batteries are widely used in computers, calculators, cameras, watches, etc..

  In order to develop a more excellent variety of materials, a variety of materials have been studied. To create an unprecedented product.For example, li-so2 battery and lithium thionyl chloride battery is very characteristic. Their positive active material is also a solvent for the electrolyte. This kind of structure will appear only in the non-aqueous system. Therefore, the study of lithium batteries has also promoted the development of electrochemistry theory of nonaqueous systems. In addition to the use of a variety of nonaqueous solvents, polymer thin film batteries were also studied.

   In 1992Sony developed lithium-ion batteries successfully. The utility model has the advantages that the weight and the volume of the portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, notebook computers and the like are greatly reduced. Use time greatly extended. Because the lithium ion battery does not contain heavy metal chromium, compared with the nickel chromium battery, the pollution of the environment is greatly reduced.

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