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Do you Know this Basic Characteristics of Solar Battery?


When the light shines on the surface of the solar battery, a part of the photons are absorbed by the silicon material, and the energy of the photons is transmitted to the silicon atoms, which makes the electrons move more and more, and the free electrons form a potential difference between the two sides of the P-N junction.   

The basic characteristics of solar battery

The basic characteristics of solar cells have three basic characteristics: the polarity of solar battery, the performance parameters of solar battery and the volt ampere characteristics of solar battery. Specific explanations are as follows:

1.The polarity of solar battery

The general structure of type P+/N or N+/P type structure of silicon solar battery. The P+ and N+ is solar battery front light conductive type semiconductor material layer; The N and P is conductive type semiconductor material on the back substrate of solar battery. The electrical properties of solar battery are related to the properties of semiconductor materials used in the production of batteries.

2.The performance parameters of solar battery

The performance parameters of solar battery are composed of open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum output power, fill factor and conversion efficiency. These parameters are a measure of the performance of solar battery

3.The volt ampere characteristics of solar battery

The P-N junction solar battery includes a shallow P-N junction formed on the surface, a strip and a finger shaped front ohmic contact, a back ohmic contact covering the entire back surface, and a layer of anti reflective layer on the front surface. When the battery is exposed to the solar spectrum, the energy is less than Eg of the band gap, which has no contribution to the output of the battery. Energy is greater than the band gap of Eg photons will contribute to the battery output energy Eg, more than Eg of the energy will be consumed in the form of heat. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of solar cells, we must take into account the impact of this part of the heat on the stability and life of the battery.


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