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Electric vehicles promoted by Europe/USA/Japanese


The EU, the United States and Japan have unanimously agreed on a few days ago to speed up the formulation and application of international standards for electric vehicles and to work closely with UN / WP29 to promote the harmonization of relevant global technical standards and codes for electric vehicles .which will help the lithium ion battery /lifepo4 battery’s development .

It is understood that UN / WP29 is responsible for the coordination and unification of international automotive technology laws and regulations. The United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia, China, South Korea and India are all contracting parties to the 1998 Agreement. Recently, the European Commission, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism jointly proposed a cooperation agreement, proposed under UN / WP29 set up two informal working groups on electric vehicles. One of the working groups is responsible for the safety aspects of EVs and their spare parts, including battery safety, shock protection and charging safety. The other working group is responsible for the environmental and regulatory issues related to EVs. The two working groups will communicate information on the norms of electric vehicles, enhance coordination and work to promote the development of common standards for the global electric vehicle technical specifications. The two working groups will also be open to Parties to UN / WP29-related agreements, including China and India.

The European Commission pointed out that the current global production of electric vehicles is low, the three parties in Europe, the United States and Japan reached the agreement is conducive to accelerating the large-scale popularization and application of electric vehicles to reduce manufacturing costs of electric vehicles. In addition, tripartite cooperation provides a unique opportunity to standardize common technical standards for electric vehicles.

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