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How To Carry A Lithium Battery When You Fly?


Recently, a number of domestic and foreign passenger carrying lithium batteries in the fire accident occurred on the machine, although due to proper treatment did not cause serious consequences, but it has an impact on passenger travel."I often fly to the field on a business trip, Can we take a mobile phone on the plane after that?" Members of the public to consult the aviation sector.Passengers how to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation?

Passengers can take the lithium battery of the mobile phone or portable computer, and spare lithium battery should be protected to prevent short circuit.”Staff said.At present, China Southern Airlines has purchased a number of special plastic bags for lithium batteries, in order to ensure the safety of transport.

According to the relevant provisions of the civil aviation regulations, the portable electronic device the passengers or crew members for personal use containing lithium or lithium batteries or batteries (watches, calculators, camera, mobile phone, portable computer, portable camera) to be carried as hand baggage boarding.The lithium content of the lithium battery shall not exceed 2 grams, and the rated energy value of the lithium ion battery shall not exceed 100Wh (watt hour).More than 100Wh, not more than 160Wh of lithium batteries, after the application of the passengers, the airline agreed to be installed on the device, with the operation of the baggage or carry on board, and more than 160Wh lithium battery is not allowed to board."Spare lithium battery can only carry two and can not be checked, passengers can be based on their own conditions in advance of the lithium battery packaging process to avoid delays."Airline recommendation.

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