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How long the Lithium ion battery first time charging?


For the laptop battery ,mobile battery,camera, MP3 MP4 PSP lithium battery:


1.Regardless of whether it is a new battery,it can directly use when the battery have fully charge,normally the battery charging 2-4 house will fully electric,so do not charging over 8-12 hours,because will do more harm than good.

2.We should start charging battery ASAP when the mobile prompt the power is too low .

3.The activation of the lithium battery does not need special method, the battery is activated before it leaves the factory.


The correct charging method of Lithium ion battery :


1.Standard charging:Using 0.2C constant current charge to the battery terminal voltage 4.20V ,and then change to constant voltage charging, when the charge current reach<0.01C is considered full.Standard charge method is usually used for battery capacity calibration, it rarely used in everyday use because of the charging too slow.

2.Fast charging: Using 1C constant current charge to the battery terminal voltage 4.20V, and then changed to constant current charging , and reach charge current <0.01C.


The notice of fast charging:

1)Initial charge current can not be too large, so as to avoid the battery overheating , leakage, burst phenomenon.

2)When the battery voltage reach 4.20V, it must be transferred to constant voltage immediately. This voltage requirements are high (error <0.5%), must use universal meter with more than four and a half to measure.


The correct discharging method of Lithium ion battery :


1.Standard discharging:Using 0.2C constant discharge current to the battery terminal voltage 2.75V.Because it is difficult to meet this condition on the daily use, so it with slight significance, the method is mainly used for battery capacity calibration.

2.Fast discharging:Because the resistance of lithium-ion battery is very small, so allow high-current discharge.At room temperature,the 1C discharge current can be discharged over 54 minutes(90%);1.5C discharge over 30 minutes;2C discharge over 23 minutes ,and allow greater discharge current on short-term.

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