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How much impact does fast charging have on lithium batteries

How much impact does fast charging have on lithium batteries? Practical theory proves that quick charging is the most destructive to lithium batteries. Quick charging is harmful to the battery .In fact, whether it is fast charging, or slow charging, battery life will be damaged. The main reason why fast charging has an impact on the battery life of mobile phones is that it increases the power. Charging brings more heat than slow charging, and high temperature can accelerate the battery aging.

Fast charging lithium battery refers to the battery that is charged in a short time. Generally, the battery can be fully charged within 6 minutes and the capacity can reach over 95% of the rated capacity. Time is life. Fast rechargeable batteries shorten charging time, improve efficiency and reach the international advanced level.

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Requirements for fast charging lithium batteries
● according to the structural characteristics of fast charging lithium battery, the maximum charging termination voltage should be 4.2v, can not overcharge, otherwise because of the positive lithium ion away too much, and make the battery scrapped.
● lithium battery charge and discharge requirements are high, can use dedicated constant current, constant voltage charger for charging. Generally, constant current charging is transferred to constant voltage charging after 4.2v/node. When the constant voltage charging current drops to within 100mA, the charging should be stopped.
● charging current (mA) =0.1 ~ 1.5 times the battery capacity (such as 2000mAh battery, the charging current can be controlled between 200 ~ 4000mA).Conventional charging current can be selected at about 0.5 times of the battery capacity, and the charging time is about 2 to 3 hours.

How much impact does fast charging have on lithium batteries?
Whether lithium batteries can be recharged quickly depends on the experimental data of lithium battery manufacturers. Not all lithium batteries can be recharged quickly, otherwise the lithium battery life will be greatly reduced, and there is fire, explosion and other risks. Therefore, each manufacturer will configure slow charging port and fast charging port according to the characteristics of lithium battery, and the charging process will be uniformly managed by the BMS system. It is safe to charge as long as it meets the requirements of the manufacturer.

Lithium and lead-acid batteries are the same principle. Quick charging works by first increasing the voltage and then the current. Just like this, fast charging also USES this principle, so a large amount of current accumulator plate will have an over speed reaction. This reaction can generate a lot of heat due to internal resistance and exceeding the value of the temperature limit, thereby damaging or prematurely aging the battery.
Lithium batteries have no rechargeable memory. The nominal charge count is 500, which means you can charge from 0 to 100% 500 times.

Strictly speaking, any battery that charges quickly can damage the battery. But if the lithium-ion battery density, materials, temperature and battery management systems of electric cars are well designed, the damage will be within a reasonable range, and it is easy to understand that the battery will not be damaged.
The charging speed of electric car lithium battery depends on the density, temperature and material of the battery. That is to say, one of these three indicators is not up to standard, fast charging is very damaging to the battery. In addition, the role of battery management system is also very important. It is to control the input current and voltage when the battery is charging, to minimize the damage to lithium batteries.

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