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How to realize the safety characteristics of Li ion batteries?


In order to ensure the safe and reliable usage of lithium ion batteries, the experts carried out a very strict and careful battery safety design, to achieve the battery’s safety assessment indicators.

(1) Automatic shutdown protection of diaphragm 135℃

Adopt international advanced Celgard2300PE-PP-PE three layer composite membrane. When the battery temperature reaches 120℃ under the condition of PE film hole closed composite film on both sides of the internal resistance of the battery is increased, the battery internal temperature slow heating battery reaches 135 DEG C, PP film hole closed, internal circuit of battery, the battery is no longer heating, ensure safe and reliable battery.

(2) Adding additives to the electrolyte

Under the condition that the battery is over charged, the battery voltage is higher than 4.2V, the electric liquid additive and other substances in the electric liquid polymerization, the internal resistance of the battery is increased, and the inner part of the battery forms a large area of the circuit.

(3) Composite structure of battery cover

The battery cover is made of notch explosion-proof structure. When the battery is heated up, some of the gas generated during the activation of the battery is enlarged, the inner pressure of the battery is increased, and the pressure reaches a certain degree.

(4) Environmental abuse tests

The abuse of the test, such as external short circuit, overcharge, acupuncture, plate impact, incineration, etc., to investigate the safety performance of the battery. At the same time, the battery temperature shock test and vibration, drop, impact and other mechanical properties test, the battery performance in the actual use of the environment.

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