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Laptop battery protection and the method of extended use


1, First charge, charge the battery to 12 hours, the cycle to fully charge, charge and discharge 3 times after,  the new battery can wake up.


2, If you frequently connect an external power source without using a computer for a long time, please remove the battery. When we use the computer with an external power supply does not remove the battery will not only affect the battery life, but also increase the cooling burden of the computer to reduce the life of the computer;


3, When you charge please turn off the computer, that the battery can be fully charged, try to avoid unplug the power in the middle of charging. And when you charge shut down the computer the charging time will shorten 30%, but also extend the battery life.


4, Do better protection for the battery, please prevent exposure, prevent moisture, prevent chemical liquid erosion, and avoid contact with the metal battery contacts occur short circuit and so on.


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